The Most Precious Gift You Can Give . . . and a Giveaway for YOU!

Earlier this month, I shared Alex’s amazing story of forgiveness. And so the beauty that is Operation Christmas Child continues. The other night, I was invited to hear Oksana speak at an Operation Christmas Child event held on the Trevecca Nazarene University campus, here in Nashville. I had heard her story before (through one of my dearest friends), but I was looking forward to hearing it firsthand. And let me tell you something: that girl needs to be sponsored by Kleenex! I receommend grabbing a few and watching this short Samaritan’s Purse video telling her story.

This little gift – a shoebox – is so much more than a small, tangible present. It is an opportunity to change a life. How amazing that something so small could lead a child, a family, a community to Christ!

You get to provide one of God’s precious children with the most precious gift of all. It is through this one little shoebox that these children are given an eternal gift – bringing more into the fold, the Kingdom of Our Lord and Savior!

It is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. You pack a box. Need supplies? Order a box and other supplies here.
  2. You drop it off and follow it. It is so much fun to follow your box to see where it goes!
  3. A child receives your box. and is invited back to the local church, where they received the gift, to learn more about God. (This is the best part!)

Operation Christmas Child is doing amazing things all over the world! If you haven’t ever heard of Samritan’s Purse or Operation Christmas Child, where have you been? KIDDING! But seriously, if you haven’t heard of this amazing ministry, I pray that you will go check it out and that you will consider packing a box (or 2, or more!).

Find a drop-off location near you and drop them off November 18-25!


Have you packed a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child before? Will you pack one this year? Have you never packed a box, but will now? If so, enter the simple contest below for a chance to win a copy of A Story of Simple Gifts – the beautiful story behind the shoebox gifts that change lives.


I am an advocated for the Operation Christmas Child ministry, and Samaritan’s Purse. I am not compensated for my posts, but am occasionally provided with material to review or give away on this blog.


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